Saturday, June 03, 2006

Q&A on Compulsive Legislation

Some of those who write sex-offender legislation are clearly Compulsive Legislators according to the terms of this bit of satire. For example:

... Do you legislate without considering the constitutionality of the legislation first?

Do you legislate without considering the how your legislation will affect others? ...

... A compulsive legislator is described as a politician whose legislation and desire to legislate has caused growing and continuing public problems. ...

LEGISLATING, for the compulsive legislator is defined as follows: Any sponsoring or co-sponsoring of legislation, for self or others, whether well intentioned or not, or even for money, no matter how seemingly slight or insignificant, where the ultimate effect is uncertain or depends upon chance or wishful thinking. ...

Sounds like an awful lot of the authors of sex-offender legislation from observation of nothing more than their handiwork. Laws that violate the constitution, laws that cause continuing and growing problems, laws whose desired effect will be achieved only by chance or not all all outside of wishful thinking.

Compulsive Legislation is clearly a rampant and growing disease in our legislative bodies.


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