Monday, May 15, 2006

North Carolina laws to go south...

In Lawmakers Working on Strict Laws for Sex Offenders, it notes:

North Carolina lawmakers are coming up with new ideas on how to track sex offenders. The proposed laws are more strict on offenders.

Some of the proposed legislation includes requiring offenders to not just register in the county they live in, but in whatever county they work. The package of bills includes a directive that would allow the DMV to check the national sex offender registry before issuing a license. A big part of this plan is the internet. The online registry in North Carolina currently allows for searching of zip codes and counties to see who is a registered sex offender. One bill would establish a sex offender watch program, allowing citizens to get email alerts when someone moved into their neighborhood. County sheriff's offices work with the state to keep track of sex offenders, but their reach only extends so far.

More extreme measures proposed in this legislation include the use of GPS monitoring and charging offenders a 100 dollar fee when they register. The members of the state house who are introducing these plans hope to improve the methods currently available to track sex offenders and allow for local law enforcement to protect the public easier.

GPS monitoring, registration fees, etc. etc. etc. It has pretty much become the case by now that when you see the words "strict" and "crackdown" in the same headline as "sex offender(s)" you've got some clueless lawmakers. Hefty (or really any) registration fees are a bad idea because they will feed the anger of being pushed outside of society.

Go further and mandate they wear GPS tracking post-release, you're just going to waste the money spent on the GPS gear because they'll just cut them off (if you get them on them too beging with) and go underground. But now far more dangerous than ever before because they'll know what they'll lose if they are ever apprehended.

No doubt that North Carolina will not be able to resist, so some of their citizenry will pay the penalty for their lawmakers' inability to think things through.


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