Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Escape from the ghetto

From Sex Offenders End Up Living In Clusters:

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A sex offender living in your neighborhood can be scary, but what about groups of sex offenders living together in what some call sex offender colonies?

On the west side of Columbus, there are two so-called sex offender colonies located between state Route 315 and North Hague Avenue.

On the south east side of Columbus, another cluster of offenders live in the area bordered by East Broad Street, Alum Creek Drive, Freebis and Parsons avenues.

No one quite understands why the groupings are beginning to form.

"They may not currently have the funds to move to a nicer apartment or a nicer home," said Franklin County Chief Deputy Steve Martin.

Some residents said they believe that increasing residential restrictions on registered sex offenders are creating these clusters by default. ...

Duh. But just wait:

... There are currently no laws governing density of sex offender populations.

But it won't be long until some demagogue politician really desperate for an issue will start pushing for same.

Can you say Catch-22? Except that in this case there is an out: non-compliance with the registration law is freedom.


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