Sunday, May 14, 2006

California Dreamin'

California is setting itself up. According to this article:

The law states that upon release, an offender must not live, work or go within a half-mile of a K-12 school.

"Go within"? I hope they're ready to supply parolees with maps that clearly show, for any locale within the state, what are the prohibited sections of roads and freeways. I remember my high school (quite within the definition of K-12) that backed up to a freeway. Under this law, an offender would be in violation of the law if he even drives this prohibited mile-plus-long stretch of freeway -- even if he were on the far side, with two tall fences and deadly traffic the other side to encounter. Or maybe they want the offenders to individually go through the exercise of absolutely precisely identifying all prohibited school locales (question: does the law apply only to advertised public schools or does it include unidentified private schools?), in order that they know where the concentrations.. prohibited locales are?

They must be into some really powerful mind-alteration in California. Reason is clearly not the rule of the day there.


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