Friday, May 19, 2006

Louisiana's licenses

Louisiana is working on a license law:

BATON ROUGE -- With little debate, the Senate on Thursday said that child molesters, rapists and other "sexual predators" may soon have to get special orange driver's licenses with the words "SEX OFFENDER" stamped on them as a way to warn others of the convicted felon's past. ...

If the offenders do not drive, they must get a special orange state identification card each year with the words "SEX OFFENDER." Offenders who do not get the required licenses or identification cards can have their probation or parole revoked, be sent to jail for up to six month, pay a fine of $100 to $500, or a combination of a jail sentence and a fine, Mount said. ...

I predict increased non-compliance in Louisiana and increased income for counterfeiters.


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