Friday, May 19, 2006

Wealthy Wisconsin

Wisconsin is about to get a GPS tracking law.
Wisconsin sex offenders could be tracked for life
. But the surprise is the cost:

... Corrections officials say the GPS tracking would cost just under $3 million for 285 offenders in the first year alone. ...

That will cost $10,526.32 per year per tracked sex offender. Now somebody just barely making it anyway in a society that doesn't want him to make it at all (at least anywhere around here) isn't going to be able to foot this kind of bill, certainly not at minimum wage. So the state's going to wind up paying it.

I bet a lot of those units will only successfully track the offender up to the spot where he makes the irrevocable decision to cut the damn thing off and disappear into the underground. A few of the cleverer guys will figure out how they can delay for many hours even the suspicion that a GPS unit may have been removed.


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