Sunday, September 04, 2005

The hate crime that isn't

Very interesting. The Seattle Times ran an article

about the murder of two registered sex offenders, no doubt facilitated by the publication on the net of their crimes and addresses that says in part:

"The case does not qualify for federal hate-crime prosecution because the law does not appear to cover sex offenders"

Wow. A crime clearly motivated by hate that isn't a hate crime. George Orwell was prescient.

But the article goes further:

"That information has led some to take the law into their own hands. In 1993, Joseph Gallardo planned to move into his family's home in Lynnwood after serving about three years for the statutory rape of a 10-year-old girl. The home was burned after neighbors heard of Gallardo's plan."

I read about that one in Time, I think. The house was burned down just before he got out of prison. This is "taking the law into their own hands"? Looks more like lawlessness to me.

From an
LA Times article
: ''Asmundson, the mayor, said friends in Bellingham had told him, "Too bad they didn't get the third one."''

Not to worry. In that same article it says the police received a letter saying that this is only the beginning.

Finally: "In researching a 2005 book on notification laws, he found dozens of assaults and harassment against sex offenders. Eisses and Vasquez, he said, may be the first deaths." I wonder how many of those were ever prosecuted?

Another Seattle Times article
reports (for some other sex offender, I think),
"He's concerned about it, because he's gotten beat up a few times" for being a Level 3 offender."

Somewhere I saw an article on this issue...


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