Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Raving Rabid Right

It seems like nothing, not even Hillary Clinton, can send the Right into such paroxyms of rage as the mention of sex offenders. Even most of the self-professed "Law-'n'-Order" crowd is perfectly willing to throw all reason, not to mention the law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights right out the window in order to exercise their requisite Two Minutes' Hate. Proof can be found on the right-wing site Free Republic, here and here. (And look how they savage as "sex-offender lovers" those who disagree with them; mighty ugly crowd over there.)

Even those who profess to be Christians (even in their screen names!) jump in and roar their hatred.

If you read that site remember: those are their words, not mine. By their fruits you will know them, said Jesus.

Strange fruits indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly, you're an idiot. I hope you're glad supporting child rapists.

6:36 PM  

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