Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Too Toxic To Tolerate

Thinking back on the "sex-offender 'free'" zones (that's a misnomer, by the way, because a lot of sex offense convictions are first time, and those people would not be kept from living in those zones), the locales that are doing this are setting themselves up for more trouble down the road.

A few years there was a story about some place where they decided sex offenders had to have their own halfway house. There was a lot of seemingly good ideas in the idea (they could be watched more closely, etc.), and I guess it was made law. The problem was: where to put the halfway house? People in the city didn't want it, it was too toxic. They couldn't put it in the country, because the people on the route to the sity (where the jobs are) didn't want them passing by. Everywhere they went, it was just too toxic to put it there. (No, I don't know where it wound up. I can't find the story.)

It would have been easier, less expensive, and fewer headaches to keep the old system and flag the sex offenders for closer supervision. No toxic waste dumps.

Well guess what? Some of these cities in Florida are setting themselves for a similar problem. Some are already zoning the sex offenders out of the vast majority of the city. And that will crowd them into the limited space remaining. Then somebody's going to recognize, "Oh my G*d, they're all living there together, sharing ideas, and it's so dangerous there."

Sex offenders: Sie sind unsere Juden jetzt. (YOU are our Jews now.) There is nothing we cannot, and will not, do to you. Eventually. You only choices will be Warsaw or Dachau.

Back to the rest of you. And the people living in those sex-offender "free" zones? Well, as I've noted the zones won't be though people will think of them that way because that's how the zones are being sold. And as a result, believe it or not, there is actually a clinical name for the children of such people.



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