Monday, August 29, 2005

If the victim is a sex offender... is it really a crime?

One notes this story ( where two Level 3 sex offenders were shot to death by somebody posing as an FBI agent. No doubt the police will go through the motions but one wonders...

Starting with the burning of a sex offender's house in the summer of 1993, I have seen news reports of other crimes against sex offenders, typically their homes and cars being burnt but sometimes murder too. (This includes the house of a British paediatrician; the yobs thought that meant paedophile.)

One got dropped in Montgomery County, MD in the last week or two. There was police activity reported afterward, but they were probably more concerned about the presence of a gun in that county.

The only prosecutions I have seen so far are:
1. The woman in California who shot the guy in a courtroom, a long time ago. (I think her real crime was discharging a gun in the courtroom.)
2. The two who beat up a fellow they thought was a sex offender -- but they were wrong.

I am betting that they never find this guy. A lot of people want to hang medals on him.

The catch here is: What happens when the registered sex offender realizes that he is not only unequal before the law, but quite unprotected by the law? Why then should he have any respect for the law other than its (limited) ability for enforcement? People want them back in prison; this seems a good way to get them there. If you can tolerate the additional crimes.


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