Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pre-emptive zoning: a good idea if you like the results

I note from the news today that the big rage now is to establish "sex-offender no-residence" zones. But I note that at least some of the places establishing these make the zone effective immediately -- any registered sex offenders in those zones must move right away, no matter that they've signed a lease or own the property.

Add to the fact that some locales are increasing the size of their already-established zones and you have the potential for real disaster. The sex offenders will quickly figure out that there is no "safe" place for them to move; wherever they go they will forever face the risk of being pushed away again.

Never settling down, being forced into increasingly tight zones with other sex offenders -- you have the makings of an increased crime rate. (And not just sex offenses; as studies have noted that sex offender repeat offenses are not at limited to sex crimes.)

If society is willing to suffer the extra crimes in order to put these guys in prison forever, they will get what they want.


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