Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wyoming's "Safe Zones"

When I first saw the headline Wyoming Wants To Restrict Where Sex Offenders Can Live, I figured there at least is one place where it won't be filled up with "no residence" zones.

I was wrong. It's Wyoming, PA. But it's being sold there with the same stupidity as everywhere else:

Monday, June 5) Wyoming Borough leaders want to increase children`s safety by implementing an ordinance that would restrict where registered sex offenders can live.

Mayor Bob Boyer says he saw weaknesses in borough laws and there`s now maps showing the creation of safe zones.

The safe zones would radiate 15 hundred feet out from the center of each area, essentially squeezing future registered sex offenders to the edges of the community.

Some think the ordinance could cause legal troubles for the borough, but leaders say a number of communities in the state have already gone down this path.

Can you guess the effects? Yup. Next will be the complaints about the "clustering" as the housing available to the registered sex offenders decreases. Then they'll start noticing that more of the registered convicted sex offenders will decide to become unregistered convicted sex offenders.

And just wait until the day some child or woman, relying on Mayor Bob Boyer's proclaimed "safe zones" actually being such, gets attacked. Naturally Mayor Bob Boyer will claim no responsibility.

P.T. Barnum said there's one born every minute. Given the way the American public is snapping up this snake oil, I think Barnum was low by a factor of 10.


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