Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sex-Offender-Free zones -- a great idea

A number of cities in Florida are now passing laws prohibiting registered sex offenders from living in certain locales, typically a half-mile from schools, etc., and not as a condition of sentencing but after the fact. Some are forcing those who live in those locales to move out.

This is a great idea.

It establishes three things in law:
1) The right to live where you want can be infringed at any time.
2) If this is a constitutional right, it's not infringed by "local" restrictions so long as you can practice it somewhere else. (Think of the restricted-speech zones around "choice" clinics.)
3) Since the government can dictate where you can't exercise your right, it can also dictate where you can.

As with anything that's "for the children," this sounds good. But it is sure to bite somewhere else.


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