Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More on "sex offenders getting together"

It would be funny if this didn't come out of a high government agency.

Reading further, they want to post residential and work addresses for sex offenders on the Internet. Okay, many places do this already but some at least blank out the last few digits of the house number. Not that this always works; in running some experiments on a locale that does such, looking at multiple on-line databases I was able to obtain some down-to-the-last-digit street addresses.

But work addresses? Given a work address, a name and a phone book one could be on the phone to them in very short order. Even with a "blanked" address (requiring a short drive down the street, or reference to yet another on-line database) it would take only a few innocuous phone calls before making contact.

Are these government employees even thinking? I don't claim to be the brightest lamp on the street, but I figured this much out. The more you reveal to the public, the more those who are intent on being sex re-offenders, may be able to find each other.

In other words: increased revelation MAY result in increased protection; it also MAY result in an increase and propagation of circumvention strategies.


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