Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Banned from the Internet. Totally!

As with the preceding post (below), I suspect I have to say "My bad" again. The predominant provisions of this bill apply to those under supervision or who used the Internet as an element of their crime ("luring", or worse).

New Jersey moves closer to banning sex offenders from Internet

RENTON, N.J. - New Jersey is closer to barring released sex offenders from using the Internet.

An Assembly committee on Monday approved the proposal along with others to combat sex offenders. The Internet ban was approved by the Senate in March and can now be weighed by the full Assembly.

"Every day we see reports on television of sick people taking advantage of the Internet to prey on our children," said Senate President Richard J. Codey, the bill's sponsor. "The time has come to pull the plug on these criminals."

Under the plan, convicted sex offenders would have to submit to periodic, unannounced examinations of their computer equipment, install equipment on their computer so its use could be monitored and inform law enforcement if they have access to a computer. Those caught using the Internet would face 18 months in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Sex offenders caught using the Internet to solicit a child would face a mandatory five years in jail, rather than three years imposed under current law.

Also, online dating sites would also have to notify New Jersey residents whether they do background checks, a proposal opposed by Internet companies such as Yahoo!, AOL, eHarmony and Match.com. ...

The plan might pass muster if it's not applied retroactively, that is, to those whose offense (real or alleged) predated the law. Otherwise it's really difficult to see this one as surviving a court challenge, but in today's environment where even the Bill of Rights apparently doesn't apply to certain citizens, er, subjects anymore, anything could happen.

The rest of it, I'm in favor! Increase the penalties for "luring", by all means. And if ANY website is going to do background checks of any kind, it ought to notify those about to sign up.

Note to self: the media are increasingly unreliable reporters of news. Check the bills first!


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