Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Cowardice of Iowa's Legislators

Legislators will make no changes in sex offender laws

Iowa lawmakers are deciding against taking action on some controversial issues in their push to complete the work of the 2007 Legislative session and adjourn this weekend.

Iowa's law enforcement community has been complaining about the state law which says sex offenders may not live within 2000 feet of a school or daycare. Legislators are leaving that law intact, however, to the disgust of retired state patrolman Clel Baudler, a Republican from Greenfield who is a member of the Iowa House.

Baudler says legislators are afraid their 2008 opponents will use it against them. "Because of politics, everybody's scared of postcards coming saying, 'You're weaker on crime than I am,'" Baudler says. ...

They made a nasty mess and now they won't fix it. What high-minded noble people are Iowa's legislators.


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