Monday, March 26, 2007

Spamming the e-mail registries

It's an easy guess that the e-mail registries several states are so eager to set up are going to end up with a whole bunch of e-mail addresses that don't belong to registered sex offenders.

Consider the woman who breaks up with her boyfriend and wants to get back at him in some way. All she has to do is to look up the postal address (online) of some registered sex offender and then send a letter to the police purportedly from this registered sex offender saying, "I am using this new e-mail address" and giving ex-boyfriend's e-mail. The police will dutifully enter the e-mail in the registry and... bingo! The ex is locked out of any social networking sites he belonged to, or wants to belong to.

And the laws have no provision for taking his e-mail address out of the registry.

Expect to see a LOT of e-mail addresses of folks who aren't registered sex offenders winding up in these registries. And guess what happens when work e-mails get registered?


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