Friday, March 16, 2007

How stupid can you get? [MS]

Most of the country considers Mississippi the home of stupid, poorly-educated folk. I'm not about to say why I think this is wrong, but news items such as the following certainly are no contributor to my position:

Sex Offender Bill
(it's "for the children," don'cha know?)

A new bill to protect Mississippi's children from pedophiles is waiting for the Governor's signature .

Sex offenders now have to turn over their computer online identity and their screen name or username to the Department of Public Safety.

Convicted offenders also have to notify DPS within three days of any changes in their address, name, or employment.

DPS also keeps the offenders palm prints on file.

Ooh! This is, like, REALLY going to stop a convicted and dutifully registered child sex offender from.. acquiring a second (or third, or fourth, or four hundred thirty-second...) e-mail address for the explicit intent of engaging a minor? Make the penalty instant execution and maybe I'll believe these folks, but otherwise it's a whole bunch of worthless grandstanding.

This also dumps on those who are trying to regain their place in society (and I grant you, some proportion of convicted sex offenders aren't, but the government's own statistics say that's not all of them) -- with a possibility of re-offenses (and new victims) by those who otherwise wouldn't.

But it really doesn't matter. I am sure Mississippi lawmakers know their market far better than I do, and if they're engaged in destructive pandering it is a clear sign they think they have an easy sell among their shee... I mean, citizens.


Anonymous Kate said...

The sex offenders are being pushed farther and farther from society. Now with the registration of emails address, their chance of possibility of establishing support groups online is diminished. Sex offenders chances of gainful employment is also diminishing and if an internet was possible, this will all but squash that chance, too. Now, some dimwitted judge made a ruling that if anyone even has a questionable emailed dumped into their inbox, they can be arrested and prosecuted. Anybody see where this is going? A person doesn't even have to look at the email. To see what these draconian laws are doing to the sex offenders, and their families, please visit and check out the multimedia section. You will hear testimonials and forthcoming panel discussions regarding these horrible laws.
SoClear Media

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is pathetic and it is totally unenforceable.

I wonder how many 'MarkFoley' email addys the government will get?

6:45 AM  

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