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The Sex Offender Hoax: America´s Screwed Up Priorities

Article by Jessica Lee. Appeared on "American Chronicle" and subsequently pulled (are they bowing to the forces of Political Correctness and practicing self-censorship? I don't know). It took some digging to find this cached version. Now I'm not a Ron Paul For President fan (I WANT him as a presidential cabinet member, though), and the link at the end of this post refers back to the posting that "American Chronicle" yanked, so beyond that point you're on your own. But Ms. Lee makes a lot of sense here.

I have voted on a lot of sex offender legislation but the latest development makes me ashamed to be an American.

At a time when most of us are struggling to put gas in our cars and food on our tables Texas has completed a 1.2 million dollar upgrade to list employers of sex offenders on registries. This is not to protect anyone but to insure that people fail. We have actually found a way to reach a new low.

Even the Mafia would not use such under handed tactics as those being used here. The government feeds this information to the public knowing full well that it will be used in the exact fashion as intended. Employers will not want nor do they deserve to be listed on a sex offender registry so this is a huge step up for increasing lawlessness. It tends to make law abiding citizens want to gag.

These efforts are due to the requirements of the Federal Adam Walsh Act and being in compliance will bring millions of dollars to the individual states. The truth is that the Feds don´t have the millions of dollars to give the states. If they did it would still not be enough to keep this program afloat. It will end up costing us millions and that is a well known fact.

We are in a hard economic crunch. Many of us don´t care where sex offenders work. We are more concerned with gas for the car, food for the table and roofs over the heads of our families. Since we have all of these extra millions why are Medicaid and Medicare constantly being cut? It is evident that that our poor and elderly are not a concern. Hot button issues are needed for reelection but that is wearing thin. We have spent fortunes for empty promises and have succeeded in creating an even bigger mess.

In England sex offender issues are not used as political brick bats. There is no law against it but the British have a code of ethics that is completely lacking in the United States. Their leaders are united in keeping children safe and it puts our system to shame. They don´t have the problems that we do and politicians aren´t trying to out-tough one another by exploiting kids. When it comes to a choice between buying food and paying for a sex offender registry I will opt for the food every time.

Four thousand solders have given their lives and many more are maimed from trying to protect their dysfunctional homeland. How demoralizing it must be to put one´s life on the line for a nation of people who fear sex offenders more than foreign terrorists and home is a corrupt place that is being gutted from within by our American brothers and sisters.

Our foreign debt has far exceeded our worst expectations and chunks of the core of America continue to be sold to the Asians and the Arabs. As America crumbles into decay there seems to be only one certainty. We are a sinking nation that will go down with a death grip on sex offender laws but some of us won´t have current information. Cable TV and Internet services are being canceled in record numbers because of reduced budgets. Those extras are useless in a vagrant society where an alarming number of families are losing their homes.

Sex crimes are serious and are committed by less than 5% of the population. Something is very wrong if authorities can´t handle this without putting out hit lists in the form of public registration. Our entire way of life has changed because of a problem that tends to originate within the home. Less than one half of one percent of these crimes includes strangers, stalking, abduction and death.

Having recently lost a child I understand the feelings of rage and horror but the rest of the world is not responsible for my loss. I would never leave a child alone in the Sears toy department and don´t know any parent who would. But, as my child´s caretaker, a couple of things done differently could have changed the outcome. That is something I have to live with and I will not be pointing fingers at people who had no involvement. Our country is incredibly short on personal responsibility.

There are many among us who will jump at the opportunity to aid and abet in making more people jobless, homeless and hopeless but I am not one of them. My soul is not for sale.

There are vigilante groups online that thrive on blaming everyone else for their personal problems. These are nasty people so if you know the identity of Stitchess77, Daydreamer of Oz, Jacey, Violet Leaves or Boycott_Amazon I would appreciate your input. There are subpoenas waiting to be served.

On April 15th there is a Take Back America Rally being held on the west lawn of the Whitehouse. Ron Paul will be leading the charge so make your voices heard! more.. by Rebecca Lee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent article Rebecca and I am so sorry for your childs loss. Our children are our precious asset.

I have a 25 year old daughter and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I also have 25 nieces and nephews and loved by all.

In 1992 after leaving the Navy after 14 years of loyal service. I did the unthinkable and fondled my daughter.

I have been in therapy since that time and under medication for Bi-Polar disorder.

This never would have happened if I had been under medication.

God was the first to forgive and then my daughter. It took alot longer for me to forgive myself.

My daughter has healed well and thank God without severe PTSD.

Not one of my doctors or any of my family ever considered me a Phedofile.

I have lived in the same county in Fl off and on since 1975 and have never been in any legal troubble there yet due to residency restrictions I can no longer live in any of the 7 cities in that county.

I am a registered voter and even have a concealed weapons permit for the state of FL. Since the judge at my court hearing for the charge involving my daughter did not to make me a felon and withheld adjudication.

I think I would have taken the felon status in trade for the Sex offender status. But at that time it did not exsist and no one could predict what was to happen in the future.

I have been accosted and ridiculed in public because of this status. I have been forced to move 4 times and lost 2 jobs.

My daughter and grandchildren and other family members have had to deal with these draconian laws as well.

It's terrible that a man did one thing in his life that he wishes more than anything he could change it. But if you can change the past we all would be billonaires.

I only pray that this country can remember what our Fore Fathers fought for and all the Veterans after.

I have left our great country to start a new life. Hopefully one day I can come back with my new family and live in peace without the fear that can consume me there.

God Bless,


8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sex Offenders are the other form of terrorist according to the government, because you don’t know who they are or where they are. So the government says to protect us and our children they will implant V Chips, not only in us, but in our cars, passports, identification, and run surveillance on our streets, homes, friends, and conversations. 96.5% of sex offenders are family members or friends to the victim, 97% are male, and only 3.5% of convicted sex offenders reoffend... Therefore the odds are YOU are more of a threat to commit a sex offense than a "sex offender". Mull over that for a moment.
What will the next set of laws be? Will they treat us more like criminals than they currently are over statistics like these? Will we again support them for the reasons or justifications of “good intentions”?
How can we prosecute people for life knowing how easy it is to be charged and convicted of a sex offense? Do you realize how many death row inmates have been found innocent due to D.N.A.? They convict sex offenders every day with merely ones word against anothers, today, a simple lie can wreck your life! How do V Chips, satellites, surveillance, and treating us like criminals stop our children from having a sexual encounter, or save us from terrorists that our government antagonizes?
There have however been thousands of vigilante attacks that have gotten an estimated 4000 innocent people hurt and even killed by mistaken identity or wrong addresses all together. In one case a pregnant woman was burned alive for nothing she had done. Now we harass or kill his/her family and friends as well? Is this what we have become? We now allow rights to be ignored?
There are now about 600,000 registered sex offenders, that is about the same number of truly patriotic men who died for those rights that you are ignoring. Anyone who would support breaking them is NOT patriotic Americans!!! As Americans how can we allow the government to strip rights because they feel it’s (justified)?

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once heard of a burglar who killed someone. I think they too should lose their rights if convicted of stealing. I heard once that a drunk driver killed someone, no rights if you drink. I heard once that the president bombed an innocent city, we'll leave him alone. I heard once that a priest molested a child, no rights for priests. I heard once that someone got killed when a husband and wife were fighting, NO rights for married couples who argue. I heard once that someone killed a child sexually, NO rights for? Let's look at the percentages, 97% male and 96.5% white, NO rights for them.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said you lost a child, my condulonges. I praise you for you voice of reason. I, too, believe The United States is crashing. About 1yr ago I tried to relocate to Shreveport, LA but couldn't because of the fees. I was req to pay $60 to both the city and the sheffic, $40 for BOTH a state ID and driver's lisence...and, the breaker another $110 was going to be req to put listings in the local papers! I've been out 8yrs I'm not going underground because I'd have to start keeping secerts/telling lies. That's a sure path to failure for me...I have to put my garbage on the table. Those who can accept it have a chance to meet a wonderful guy with some flaws; those who don't...well, no loss to me, join all the other yo-yos...PEACE!!!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the new witch hunt - a way for politicians to get away with what they want behind the smoke screen of sex molesters.

While a sex crime can be a terrible thing- at least it's a recoverable crime, like a theft, or a battery. Murder- is not recoverable. We need to guard against the non-recoverable crimes first.

How much do we waste on sex crimes, like prostitution, etc?
What Victorian ethecs are we trying to uphold? Get the murderers and gangs off the streets.

The worst part is that the govt associates all 'sex ofenders' as 'child molesters' even when the person never laid a finger on a child. It's fear mongering.

Soon we will be covering our woman and children in burkas and living like the Taliban - so much for the land of the free.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

Thank God there is a voice of reason in the government. My husband was just let go from his job because the police dept and the Chp threatened his employer with retaliation against his company if they did not fire my husband. Because he is a registered sex offender they consider him a danger to the public and is no longer allowed to work with the public. He is a Tow truck driver for AAA. For the last 2 yrs his company has been skirting around this issue with the local law inforcement. At first they just issued a ban on all ex-felons saying that they could not participate in the rotation for police calls where a tow truck was needed. No problem, his boss just had him work elsewhere and someone else ran the PD rotations. Apparently that was not good enough and they resorted to arm twisting and threats to get their way. My husband boss had to give him his walking papers at the same time he awarded him for being Best Driver of the Year. Meaning that he ran the most service calls for the company and made the company the most money- with out causing any damages and costing the company money. Not an easy thing to do and he has won this award twice in the 8 yrs that he had worked for the company. We are talking about a good man. law abiding, he doesn't even have a speeding ticket. Good husband and employee. He has proved himself over and over in the last 15 yrs since he offended and still that is not enough. Guess we will go on welfare and of course we will probably loose our home of 8 yrs unless a miracle from heaven happens. He is already on unemployment for the first time in his life.

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah...the homeland security act set up the transportation worker identification creditail(TWIC) which requires a b/g check and is required for those people working in petro-chem plants...if i can not get one of these cards i have wasted 20K going to school, AND may have to stay in school forever to avoid default...because only temp work at $7.50/hr or less won't allow me to make payments and pay rent...RENT MUST BE PAID!!!!

11:40 AM  
Anonymous generic cialis said...

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9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a non-sex offender currently on sex offender registry. convicted of a kidnapping charge(holding someone against thier will). Child was in the home at the the time during altercation with mother, kidnappingx2. Victims were never sexually assaulted. Im fine with the laws and punishment for my crime, with the exception of being made to register as a sexual offender, for christs sakes!!! I've lost 2 jobs, had to move several times due to geographical location. I am a victim of statistics. U.S. statistics say that a high percentage of kidnappings result in sexual crimes, "I did not", so why should i be further punished because of a statistic? I missed a report date not long ago, now facing 90dys. in jail...."bull!!" I resent the fact that anyone has to suffer at the hands of a sexuall preditor and i am all for the punishment of these crimes, but theres no way in hell i should be labeled a sex offender without ever committing a sexual crime in my life.

11:28 AM  

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