Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bet it won't work

From this news item:

Officials say they will have access to more information about sex offenders in Tennessee. Offenders will have to wear tracking bracelets around their ankles.

The system will alert officials if the offender goes near a school or routinely visits areas where he or she does not live. Officials will be alerted if the offender removes the tracking device. ...

Easily circumvented. There are places where, even if these are real-time tracking devices (unlike the less expensive and more common trackers that upload every 24 hours), they are disconnected from the network. Think of areas where you have no cellphone signal, for example. All the sex offender has to do is locate such an zones where the tracker is disconnected (very easy to find, if you know what you're looking for), enter it, cut off the tracking device, wrap it securely in foil, dispose of it and disappear.

Given the prevalence of such zones, it's highly unlikely the police will be called out every time a unit drops off the network. (Think of the police being called on you every time your cellphone signal drops.)

Just more wasted taxpayers dollars in the pursuit of false security. The only winners here are the demagogue politicians who pushed this.


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