Thursday, October 26, 2006


From the Wisconsin Radio Network: Where should sex offenders live?

A legislative study committee is trying to come up with proposed legislation regulating where sex offenders can live.

There is no state law spelling out where convicted sex offenders can or can not live according to committee co-chair state representative Garey Bies. Just a Department of Corrections policy which says they have to return to the county where the offense too place.

More and more communities want to set their own laws, such as Algoma where they want no sex offender to stay within 2-thousand feet of schools, playgrounds and churches.

But Bies says in larger communities that means there's almost no where for them to live and the rural communities don"t want convicted se offenders living there.

Just some of the questions the committee is trying to answer before proposing a bill in the next legislative session.


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