Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Level II forever?

If this blog has been quiet lately, it's because there's been nothing new to report.

However, I've been mulling over this issue of "Levels." In most places, it appears, sex offenders are graded into four levels. Yes, I said four! We know about Levels 1 to 3, but the 4s are those who get "civilly committed."

I don't know what goes into determination of category. One hopes there are processes of review and refinement going on, but if the states are handling that the way they do new sex offender laws, I doubt anything is being done.

But one wonders about the for-life classification. If, say, a Level 2 goes 20 years without a re-offense, is it not likely he has developed the skills to avoid re-offense that might make him a prospect to become a Level 1? What if a Level 3 becomes incapacitated, even paralyzed? Is he then still a Level 3?

Just asking the questions nobody else seemingly thinks to ask.


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